Go all out, work overtime


Dawuyi News Network News "The company recently received a production order of more than 10 million yuan of Ejiao Huangqi oral liquid, is going all out, working overtime

produce. Yesterday, Wang Xianfu, general manager of Shunchang County Happiness Biotechnology Co., Ltd. told the author that Ejiao Huangqi Oral Liquid uses a unique secret formula technology. It is a new generation of compound Ejiao series products in China, which is an exclusive domestic product.

The hot reflux low-temperature extraction of Ejiao Huangqi oral liquid project is the happiness biotechnology Co., Ltd. at the 6th "6·18" Straits Project Achievements Fair, respectively, in the formulation technology and Shenzhen Tianda Tian Industrial Co., Ltd., Henan Silk Health Products Co., Ltd. docking, docking with Ruian Kaidi Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. in the production process, the technology has reached the domestic advanced level. The total investment of the project is 28.8 million yuan. After the production, the annual output of 5 million boxes of Ejiao Huangqi oral liquid can reach 50 million yuan. The project was officially put into operation in August last year. As of the end of May, the company has produced 3 million boxes of Ejiao Huangqi oral liquid, with an output value of more than 30 million yuan.

The company has long-term strategic cooperation with Fujian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanchang University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China Health Science and Technology Institute and other scientific research institutions, and has strong strength in research and development and production. The company has five production lines that meet the requirements of GMP for tablets, capsules, oral liquids, ointments and granules. It has obtained 25 health food products such as Cordyceps, American ginseng and amino acids, accounting for one-tenth of the approved products in Fujian Province. . (Yang Shengyou Lin Shuwen / photo)

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