"Happy to come" brand spirulina was named "Fujian Province famous brand products"


"Happy to come" brand spirulina was named "Fujian Province famous brand products"

    According to the Beibei Daily, the “Xinglailai” brand spirulina of Fujian Province Happiness Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was recently awarded the “Famous Brand Product of Fujian Province” by the Fujian Provincial Government and the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. This is the first “provincial brand-name” product won in the Shunchang health food industry.



Happiness comes to the company with a plant area of more than 400 acres of spirulina, which is a large-scale spirulina breeding base in Fujian Province. The spirulina industry is a pillar industry in the county's emerging health food industry. As one of the 18 key “100 million enterprises” in Shunchang County, Happiness Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business philosophy of “everyone is healthy, family is happy” since its inception, and we are striving for “quality first, brand first”. "The development of a group-type enterprise with a fixed asset of over 50 million yuan and an output value of over 100 million yuan." The company covers an area of 50,000 square meters and the factory area is 30,000 square meters. There are more than 30 approved health food products, 3 invention patents and 17 utility model patents. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, a provincial-level contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise, and a large taxpayer. The “Happiness to Come” trademark was recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as “China Famous Brand”. The “Happiness” font was recognized as “Fujian Known Name”, and Spirulina was recognized as “Fujian Famous Brand Product”. Provincial May 1st Labor Award Unit, Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise, Fujian Province Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, and Listed Backup Enterprise.

  In recent years, the company has contacted Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian Medical Research Institute, Nanchang University and other science and technology colleges to establish an integrated base of production, learning and research, increase personnel training, and cultivate independent research and development technology. Obtained 25 pieces of health food products such as spirulina, cordyceps, and gelatin and scutellaria; on the other hand, we will do a good job in new equipment, new technology application and production process improvement, and take the lead in research and development of low-temperature vacuum continuous heat reflux extraction technology to improve the taste and quality of products. The company has passed the national health food GMP certification and HACCP food safety certification, and obtained the export food hygiene registration permit.

Nowadays, the company's products have entered the strict check-up procedure from the procurement of raw materials, and have passed the inspection by relevant state departments for many years. In 2009, the company's "Happy to Come" brand spirulina has been tested by the provincial quality supervision, drug supervision and health supervision departments for dozens of tests, including spirulina polysaccharides, y-linolenic acid and other biologically active substances, as well as minerals and trace elements. Many indicators are superior to national standards and are recognized by consumers and exported to Southeast Asian countries and regions such as Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong!