Four leaders of Shunchang County led the inspection of Fujian Province Happiness Biotechnology Co.,


On the morning of September 30th, 2016, Shunchang County Party Committee Secretary Jiang Jianhua and his entourage led more than 20 people to visit our company--Fujian Xingfu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to visit and exchange. The general manager of the company, Wang Xianfu, warmly received the leadership and accompanied the inspection. .

(External) Jiang Jianhua Secretary (inside) Wang County Fu General Manager

The leaders such as Jiang Jianhua and his entourage visited the factory, new products and coal-to-gas energy-saving projects that will be put into use. When the plant is put into use, it will greatly increase production output.

In the new factory, Wang Xianfu, general manager introduced the new factory

     The leaders are listening carefully to the general manager of Wang Xianfu to introduce new products.

In the visit channel, General Manager Wang Xianfu introduced the production workshop

Leaders observe the environment in the production workshop

General Manager Wang Xianfu introduced the equipment and equipment of the production workshop

Visiting the new coal-to-gas energy-saving project

Visit new energy-saving equipment

During the inspection, Secretary Jiang Jianhua fully affirmed the company's construction and operation mode. The leaders listened to the general situation and strategic report of the general manager of Wangxianfu on the operation of Happiness Biotechnology Plant, and hoped that Happiness Biotechnology Co., Ltd. could develop better in the future.